History 300: History at Work

The History Department offers its own career preparation course:  History 300, History at Work. History 300 is a 1- to 2- course designed for all students – both History majors and non-majors – who want to get a head start on learning about career options and building a professional network. The course includes an alumni speaker series that gives students a glimpse of fields such as sports management, law, international affairs, news media, non-profit administration, information technology, and many more.  The alumni who come to the course often become informal mentors for our students, and have, on occasion, even been able to open doors for students or make introductions to other professionals! You’ll also learn to prepare and refine a resume, write a cover letter, and communicate the value of the skills you learned in your History courses to employers.

Students enrolled for one credit attend the speaker series and complete the associated assignments.  Students enrolled for two credits attend an additional discussion section that provides more focused instruction and feedback on their resumes and letters, mock interviews, and workshops on using resources like Handshake and Badger Bridge.

History 301, History at Work: Internship, provides academic credit to students who are completing internships and is taken in conjunction with 2 credits of History 300.  For information about History 301 or about internships, please consult Christina Matta.


The career information on these pages owes much to the initiative of the instructors and students of the Spring 2019 section of History at Work, who formulated their own questions about career preparation and professional development, then sought to answer them by compiling campus resources, interviewing alumni, preparing descriptive text, and creating the design for the pilot version of the History careers site.  The Department would like to thank those students and staff for their hard work and dedication.

2019 Spring Semeater Contributors

Anna GammAnna Gamm

I am a senior majoring in History. After graduation, I am going to graduate school for Secondary Education and hope to end up teaching high schoolers all about history! As a History major, I have learned so much about how our world works by studying where we have been. With that perspective, I hope to open my students’ eyes to other cultures around them by teaching them the histories of all areas of the world.

Amy PageAmy Page

I am a senior studying History at UW-Madison. I strongly believe in giving back to the community, making an impact and giving others the tools needed to succeed. I am choosing between two career paths after graduation, librarianship or museum education. Both would put me in a great position to teach and support the community. I want to change the way people—especially the younger generation—view history and show them that it’s not boring, it’s fascinating!


I’m a junior at UW Madison studying History and Anthropology, with certificates in Archaeology and Classical Studies. When I first arrived at college, I was conflicted with perusing my academic interests versus perusing a more “practical” major, but I was persuaded otherwise by my mentors and advisors to instead focus on what interests me. The skills I’ve learned thus far in my college career, particularly in my history classes, will continue to be undoubtedly useful once I start my professional career.


I am a senior at UW-Madison, currently pursuing a major in History with a certificate in Criminal Justice. After graduation I plan to attend Law School and pursue a career in Criminal Law. During my undergrad, I had the opportunity to take on an internship at the Dane County District Attorney’s Office working as a legal clerk. My history degree proved to me that during my internship I had massively strengthen my communication and research skills during undergrad.


I am a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Journalism and History. I actually came into UW planning to go to veterinary school but eventually switched to history after deciding I wanted to pursue what I was passionate about. I have a particular interest in European history, particularly the Middle Ages. I hope to one day take my skills I learned at school and become an investigative reporter or non-fiction author.


I am a junior at UW-Madison pursuing a degree in History and Political Science. After graduation I hope to use my experience with fundraising and community outreach to work in nonprofit organization and management. The history major has helped me develop my research and writing abilities in invaluable ways. I’m looking forward to taking these skills with me into the professional world.


Course Instructor

I am a scholar of international and global history, with a focus on the place of Europe in the wider world. My research centers on the history of internationalism, the Catholic Church, and economic development.

In my teaching, I encourage both undergraduate and graduate students to embrace history as a discipline that offers critical insight into the past and the present, and provides us with a handy toolkit of translatable skills, which are useful both in the academy and beyond.

Yu-Ling WangYU-LI WANG

Course Website Developer

I am a Ph.D. student of US and East Asian history in the Department of History at UW-Madison. My research focuses on Taiwanese/American histories and memories since the mid of the 21st century.