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This is the University’s main listing of all courses presented at UW–Madison. It is an online, searchable catalog of courses providing a broad spectrum of course information, including the ability to browse course sections offered each term. It is updated six times per day.

  • History Syllabi Library

    Current and past syllabi, arranged by course number, can be found in the History Syllabi Library.

  • History 600 Seminars

    Fall 2019 History 600 descriptions are available here.

    How Do I Obtain Authorization to Take History 600? Review the list of seminars posted online, make a choice, and then contact the professor using the method they have indicated next to their History 600 topic description.Some may require you to complete a brief questionnaire, others may want to meet with you in-person. Many request that you contact them via email. In your emails to instructors, make sure to include your grade level, major(s), as well as a brief summary of why you’re interested in their particular topic. Once a professor has accepted you into their seminar, they will contact the undergraduate program, who will then authorize you to register (on or after your scheduled registration time).

    If you obtain permission to enroll in a seminar prior to your enrollment appointment, you will receive an email from Isaac containing enrollment instructions a few days prior to this date. If you obtain permission after senior enrollment has begun, you will receive instructions as you are admitted. You MUST REGISTER ONLINE at your designated registration time and complete your registration no later than the date Isaac indicates in his email, otherwise you will be unable to enroll in the class! **Please note that seminars fill up quickly, so choose a 600 seminar and contact the professor as soon as possible, especially if you are graduating in Fall 2019.

    As sections close, this information will be posted on the History 600 Seminar page — Course Guide is not an accurate source of information about enrollment levels or availability. Priority will be given to graduating seniors.

    If you are studying abroad, the History 600 Authorization process is essentially the same as above, however, you will need to contact your perspective professor by email. Please let them know you are currently studying abroad and unavailable to meet face-to-face. If you run into any problems please contact Sophie Olson for assistance.

  • Undergraduate Catalog

    The University of Wisconsin’s Undergraduate Guide is the central location for official information about its departments and programs. Find the Department of History’s entries here, including the official requirements of the major.

    [archive of UW Undergraduate Catalogs, dating to 1995, and Graduate Catalogs from 1994]
    [archive of History course catalogs, dating from 1852 to 1996]

  • Graduate Courses

    Graduate courses at UW-Madison are numbered 700 and above, and History graduate students typically take courses at the 700 or higher level. Subject to program restrictions and by prior arrangement with the instructor, however, students may take 300-600 level course that carry the graduate attribute for graduate credit. For details, see the Graduate Handbook – Registration – Level of Course Credits.

    The Course Guide lists all courses offered at UW-Madison. It is an online, searchable catalog that provides a broad spectrum of course information and enables browsing the course sections offered each term. It is updated six times per day. You may reach the Course Guide in two ways:

    For graduate students, there is no practical difference between the two points of entry. (The only difference that the My UW version enables undergraduates to use the Degree Planner tool.)