Uniting Germany: Actions and Reactions

Book cover: Uniting Germany
Pekka K. Hamalainen. Uniting Germany: Actions and Reactions. Routledge, 1994.

This is an account of the dramatic events leading to the reunification of Germany. The author looks into the complex intertwining of popular action, national politics and international moves that culminated in the historic events of 1989. After providing a brief historical background, the author analyzes the sequence of events in East Germany, the interplay between East German discontent and Bonn’s policies, and Chancellor Kohl’s role in mobilizing domestic and international support for reunification. Paying special attention to the attitudes and actions of other powers, particularly Russia, the author provides a detailed look at the decisive negotiations with Gorbachev that cleared the way for German reunification. The book combines action on the streets with cabinet politics and the challenge of balancing domestic priorities with international concerns.

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