Miles Wilkerson

Position title: TA: History 101 with Lecturer Justine Walden


Advisor: James Sweet

Miles Wilkerson headshot


I study the historical political economy of disability –broadly conceived– in the African diaspora and Vast Early America. My goal is to inform the public that the intertwined evils of racism and ableism were, and remain, foundational to modernity. I hope that my research will help combat these twin prejudices in the sphere of public policy.


B.A., Eastern Connecticut State University


  • U.S./North American History
  • African History

Select Publications

  • “Nunca Olvide: Reframing Historical Discourse on Cuban Exile Terrorism,” Germina Veris, 1/1 (2014).


  • Best Seminar Paper, Eastern Connecticut State University Fall 2013
  • Governor’s Coalition Scholarship for Youth with Disabilities Summer 2011

Professional Affiliations

  • Disability History Association (Board of Directors, Graduate Representative)