University of Wisconsin–Madison

Bridgette Werner

Lecturer: History 242 - Modern Latin America, 1898 to the Present

Advisor: Florencia E. Mallon and Steve J. Stern

Office: 5265 Mosse Humanities
Mailbox: 5079 Mosse Humanities
Phone: 608.890.3303
Office Hours: TBA

Bridgette Werner


My research and teaching focuses on Latin American History, with a particular emphasis on peasant and revolutionary histories. My dissertation examines the political activities of peasant unions and their interactions with the Bolivian state in the aftermath of the 1952 Revolution. I argue that by analyzing the Bolivian Revolution from the countryside, we can more clearly see the limits of state power.


B.A., summa cum laude, Syracuse University, 2011


  • Latin American & Caribbean History, 20th Century

MA Title

  • “A Tale of Dual Citizenships: Class, Ethnicity, and the MNR Project, 1952-1974”

Working Dissertation Title

  • “‘To make rivers of blood flow’: Agrarian Reform, Rural Warfare, and State Expansion in Post-Revolutionary Bolivia, 1952-1974”

Courses Taught as Instructor

  • History 242 – Modern Latin America, 1898-Present. Fall 2017.