Patrick Walsh


Advisor: Lynn Nyhart

Patrick Walsh


I study the cross-talk between bacteriology, immunology and endocrinology in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. As a historian of biology and medicine, I care about how biology becomes therapy, and how therapy becomes biology. I’m grappling especially with the notion of “pasteurization,” and what this actually meant for the physiological sciences, the life sciences, and for therapeutic industries. I take seriously the provocation that the twenty-first century is the “century of the microbe,” and I think the advent of germ theory is a rich place to begin re-evaluating histories of self, the organism and biological practice.


M.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison
B. A., (Honours)(Class I), University of Queensland (2017)
B. S. / B. A., University of Queensland (2016) 


  • History of Science, Medicine, and Technology

M.A. Title

  • “A Tale of Two Revolutions: Glands, Microbes and Filtration in French Endocrinology (1889-1900) “

Selected Publications

  • “Experimenting with ‘Life’ in Nineteenth-Century Physiology: Brown-Séquard’s Method for Characterising Blood”. Australian Feminist Studies 34, no. 99 (2019): 73-92.

Courses Taught (as TA)

  • History of Science 132 – “Bees, Trees, Germs and Genes,” Prof. Lynn Nyhart, UW-Madison (2019)
  • History of Science 133 – “Biology & Society, 1950—today,” Prof. Nicole Nelson, UW-Madison (2020)
  • History of Science 202 – The Making of Modern Science