Khine Thant Su

TA: History 246 with Professor Cullinane

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Khine Su


My current research interests lie in the intersection of Buddhist ideology and notions of social justice in modern Burma. In my masters thesis, I plan to explore how U Nu, the first prime minister of independent Burma, attempted to use Buddhist teachings to chart an alternative route to modernity for Burma while steering the country through a delicate course of non-alignment during the Cold War. As an undergraduate at Middlebury College, I studied modern Chinese history, studied abroad in China for language acquisition, and wrote a senior thesis on Sino-Burmese relations during the rule of socialist – yet anti-communist – Burmese military government under General Ne Win. Given my background in China studies, I am broadly interested in China-Southeast Asia relations during the early decades of the Cold War, and in particular, the complex relationship that existed between China and the non-aligned nations of Southeast Asia during the Cold War.


B.A., Middlebury College (East Asian Studies)


  • Southeast Asian History

Selected Publications