University of Wisconsin–Madison

Karma Palzom

TA: History 134, Professor Haynes

Advisor: Cindy I-Fen Cheng

Office: 4269 Mosse Humanities
Mailbox: 4091 Mosse Humanities
Phone: 608.890.3307
Office Hours: Mondays 11:00-1:00

Karma Palzom


I focus on Tibetan American history, which encompasses the beginnings and transformations of the Tibetan diaspora. Particularly, I am interested in the transformative role that Tibetan immigrants in the United States played in the Tibetan Freedom Movement.


B.A., History and History of Science: University of Wisconsin-Madison


  • Tibetan American History, U.S. Transnational History, Asian American History

M.A. Title

  • “The Dalai Lama is Tibet: Deterritorializing Tibetan Nationhood, Citizenship, and Activism, Post-1959”

Working Dissertation Title

  • “Tibetan American Exile and Activist History”


  • Chancellor Fellowship
  • 2016 Amy Ling Yellow Light Award for Scholarship and Creative Endeavors

Courses Taught as TA

  • Asian American History/History 160 – Movement and Dislocation