David Morgan

Emeritus Professor


Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

David Morgan


My specialization is Islam. My Research and Teaching Interests include History of Islam, Middle East, and Mongols.


Ph.D., University of London
M.A., University of London
B.A., University of Oxford

Selected Publications

  • Medieval Persia 1040-1797, “History of the Near East” series, ed. P.M. Holt, (London, Longman, 1988).
  • The Mongols, “Peoples of Europe” series, ed. J. Campbell and B. Cunliffe, (Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1986).
  • Edited, Medieval Historical Writing in the Christian and Islamic Worlds, (London, SOAS, 1982).

History Courses Taught

  • History 106 – Invasion & Empires: Central Asia
  • History 309 – The Crusades: Christianity and Islam
  • History 379 – Islam in Iran
  • History 225 – Explorations in 3rd World History
  • History 720 – Topics: Medieval History
  • History 753/858 – Afghanistan from the Great Game to the Taliban, 1747-2009
  • History 858 – The Mongol Empire Empire In Recent Research