Sam Meyerson

Position title: History Lab


Advisor: Neil Kodesh



I am a social and political historian with interests in interethnic relations, historical memory and ethnic identity. I am particularly interested in how political, social and environmental changes have affected ethnic identities, collective historical narratives and intergroup relations in East and Central Africa over the course of the colonial and post-independence eras. I conduct my fieldwork among the pastoral and agrarian communities of the Karamoja region of northeastern Uganda, and my M.A. thesis focused on the historical relationship between the Jie, a group of semi-nomadic pastoralists, and the neighboring Ethur, a minority group of sedentary farmers.


M.A., Makerere University
B.A., Kenyon College


  • African History

MA Title

  • “Historical Memory, Identity and Herder-Farmer Relations in Northeastern Uganda: The Case of the Jie and Ethur”