University of Wisconsin–Madison


I am now interested in a group of Chinese diaspora intellectuals, who originally came to the United States as short-term students before 1949, with intention of returning to China and dedicating to the modernization of China, but eventually chose to stay in the U.S. and made a permanent home in the American academy after the rise of the Communist China in 1949. I will pay particular attention to those who became American China experts and participated in the knowledge production about China in the cold war United States. I am going to examine these Chinese intellectuals within the contexts of the cold war politics, American racial politics, the expansion of American universities, and the rise of area studies.


B.A., Peking University
M.A., Peking University


  • U.S. in the world, Immigrant history, History of American higher education

Working Dissertation Title

  • “Cold War Politics and Chinese American Intellectuals’ Knowledge Production”