Qing Liu

Email: qliu96@wisc.edu

Advisors: Cindy I-Fen Cheng and Adam R. Nelson

Qing Liu


My project focuses on a group of Chinese migrant scholars who came to the United States as students and became permanent residents during the 1950s. Among these Chinese migrant scholars, a large number entered American academia and became faculty members in American colleges and universities in the 1950s–before the civil rights movement and immigration reforms allowed the arrival of more minority scholars and immigrant scholars in American higher education. My project pays particular attention to Chinese migrant scholars who became American “China experts” and produced knowledge about China for the United States during the Cold War. It examines how these Chinese migrant scholars’ knowledge production shaped, and was shaped by, Cold War geopolitics.


B.A., Peking University, China
M.A., Peking University, China


  • U.S./North American History; Gender and Women’s History

Working Dissertation Title

  • “Chinese Migrant Scholars in the Cold War United States”