Svea Larson

Advisor: Laird Boswell

Svea Larson


My work focuses on Modern Europe, especially France and Scandinavia. I am broadly interested in gender and women’s history, migration, material culture, youth and family history, and formations of national and ethnic identity. My undergraduate research focused on 1960s French youth and music culture (Yé-Yé) and the role of young women within this subculture. More recently, I have been focusing on the histories of migration and remigration between rural Sweden and the US between 1870 and 1940 and the ways that immigrants created networks of material transfer between these countries, and how different items are tied into Swedish American identity in both Sweden and the US. I am also interested in intergenerational relationships and identities in immigrant families and how the children of immigrants challenge, subvert, or continue their parent’s national identities or culture.


B.A., Pacific University, 2015


  • European History


  • Fulbright Student Award 2017-2018; Uppsala, Sweden.