Alice C. M. Kwok


George L. Mosse Fellow: European Cultural History
Advisor: Suzanne Desan

Alice Main


My work focuses on the French Revolution, particularly Thermidorian political culture. I am interested in the role of gender and sexuality in negotiating the reconstitution of French society after the Terror. I also write about representations of the Revolution in nineteenth-century Academic art and art institutions.


M.A., History, University of Wisconsin Madison (2018)
B.A., History and French, University of California Berkeley (2014)


  • European History, Gender and Women’s History

MA Title

  • “Sexing the Terror: The Jeunesse Dorée and the Fall of the Parisian Jacobin Club (1794)”


  • George L. Mosse Distinguished Graduate Fellowship in European Cultural History

Professional Affiliations

  • American Historical Association
  • Society for French Historical Studies
  • Western Society for French History
  • Société des Professeurs Français et Francophone d’Amérique

Courses Taught as TA

  • History 119 – Early Modern Europe and the World (Spring 2019)
  • History 120 – European History 1815 – Present (Spring 2018)
  • History 123 – English History to 1688 (Fall 2017)
  • History 201 – The French Revolution (Fall 2018)