University of Wisconsin–Madison

Erin E. Kramer

Advisor: Charles L. Cohen
Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Erin Kramer


My research interests include early American, American Indian, and Atlantic World history, and I specialize in the Dutch-Haudenosaunee frontier. My dissertation traces Dutch elite consolidation of the upper Hudson River fur trade and Mohawk political influence on the ascent of Beverwijck/Albany to a position of prominence in the British empire.


B.A., History, Beloit College, 2005


  • U.S. History

MA Title

  • “Talk Among Neighbors: The Corps of Discovery at Fort Mandan, October 1804 – April 1805”

Working Dissertation Title

  • “Colonial Albany and the Cultural Economy of the Upper Hudson River Valley, 1626-1713”

Courses Taught as TA

  • History 101 – American History to the Civil War

Courses Taught as Instructor

  • History 101 – American History to the Civil War