University of Wisconsin–Madison

David Harrisville

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Advisor: Rudy J. Koshar

David Harrisville


My research interests include the social, cultural, and intellectual history of modern Europe, mentalities and everyday life in the Third Reich, the Second World War, and the history of morality. My dissertation project investigated how, in spite of the Wehrmacht’s deep complicity in the Holocaust and crimes against POWs and civilians, German soldiers attempted to maintain their conviction that they were “good men” fighting a war that was not only ideologically but also morally necessary. In the process, they helped to generate the “myth of the clean Wehrmacht,” which exercised a profound influence on postwar memory.


  • Modern European History

MA Title

  • “Shepherds of Wolves: Wehrmacht Chaplains, the Second World War, German Colonialism, and Nazi Ideology”

Working Dissertation Title

  • “Unrighteous Cause: The Moral World of the German Soldier on the Eastern Front and the Wartime Origins of the Wehrmacht Myth, 1941-1944”