Chad S.A. Gibbs

TA: History 200-001, Professor Ciancia

George L. Mosse Fellow: Modern Jewish History
Advisor: Amos Bitzan
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Office: 4220 Mosse Humanities
Mailbox: 4043 Mosse Humanities
Phone: 608.265.4763
Office Hours: Tuesdays 1:15-3:15

Chad S.A. Gibbs


My research applies geographic and social network analysis methodologies to extensive testimonial sources in order to reconstruct resistance at the extermination camp Treblinka. My interests in the field of Holocaust and Genocide Studies also include memory and memorialization as well as the history and status of Holocaust teaching in American higher education.


  • European History

MA Title

  • “To Sell Your Life at a Higher Price: Social and Spatial Networks of Resistance at Treblinka”

Selected Publications