Ethell Gershengorin


Advisor: Francine Hirsch

Ethell Gershengorin


I am a doctoral candidate broadly interested in histories of medicine, childhood, gender, and Eastern European Jewry. My dissertation explores transformative Jewish medical projects in interwar Eastern Europe. Specifically, I examine the importance of healthy women (mothers) and children to creating a strong Jewish race and rebuilding a Jewish community almost destroyed by World War I and the Russian Civil War.


M.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.A., Boston University


  • European History
  • Gender and Women’s History

 MA Title

  • ‘No need to fear the witch, she’s just a dirty, unkempt baba’: The League of the Militant Godless and Their Attack on the Peasant Domestic.

Working Dissertation Title

  • Healthy Bodies, Upright Citizens: The OZE, Jewish Women and Children, and Inter-War Medical Humanitarianism, 1914-1939

Selected Awards

  • George L. Mosse Graduate Exchange Fellowship
  • Rifkind Graduate Research Fellowship at the Center for Jewish History, New York

Courses Taught as TA

  • History 219 – The American Jewish Experience: From Shtetl to Suburb, Professor Tony Michels, Fall 2021