Edward Frame

Email: eframe@wisc.edu

Advisors: William Reese and Adam Nelson

Edward Frame


I study the history of higher education and U.S. intellectual and cultural history. My current research concentrates on the history of American liberalism and the ways that liberalism (and reactions against liberalism) shaped efforts to remake the standard American undergraduate curriculum between roughly 1920 and 1970. Parallel interests include the history of “neoliberalism” and market-based prescriptions for educational reform; the history of liberal arts education; American political history from the eighteenth century through the present; and the history of campus activism and student protest movements. In the past, I have also studied and taught political philosophy, literature, and nonfiction writing.


M.A., 2014, Committee on Liberal Studies, The New School for Social Research
B.A. 2009, Liberal Arts, St. John’s College


  • U.S./North American History

MA Title

  • “Black Power, Black Studies: Creating the Afro-American Studies Department at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, 1966-1970”

Selected Publications

Courses Taught as TA

  • History 109 – Who is an American?
  • Classics 373/ILS 253 – Ancient Texts, Modern Contexts

Courses Taught as Instructor

  • History 302 – History of American Thought, 1859-Present
  • EPS 150 – Education and Public Policy
  • EPS 300 – School and Society