Holly Defnet

Position title: Undergraduate Peer Advisor

Email: hdefnet@wisc.edu

Office: 3211 Mosse Humanities
Mailbox: 3211 Mosse Humanities

Holly Defnet headshot

Holly Defnet is one of our undergraduate program’s Mosse Peer Advisors. She will be graduating from UW this spring, majoring in History, Latin, and Classical Humanities. Holly has a strong interest in the social histories of ancient and medieval Europe, particularly in uncovering non-elite perspectives and daily life experiences with a focus on ancient religion. She enjoys recreational writing and drawing, conversing in Latin, and binging shows like One Tree Hill and Jane Austen period dramas. Following graduation, Holly intends to teach Latin at the K12 level.

To schedule a remote meeting with Holly please go to History’s Starfish page.  Click here to see the profile page of Isabelle Cook.