University of Wisconsin–Madison


I am a joint PhD candidate in Southeast Asian History and Educational Policy Studies. My research interests center on the history of education in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Southeast Asia and the United States and explore issues of identity, nationalism, assimilation, and exclusion in educational contexts. I am also broadly interested in American and European empire, and specifically in the Western missionary impulse as a component of the imperial project. Some of my other research interests include educational access, language of instruction, knowledge production and dissemination in high colonial Southeast Asia; the history of childhood; and transnational histories of education.


M.A., Loyola University (Chicago, IL)
B.A., Lawrence University (Appleton, WI)


  • Southeast Asian History and History of Education

MA Title

  • “Constructing a ‘Good’ Colonial Society: Representations of Philippine Colonial Education at the 1887 Philippine Exposition in Madrid and the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair”

Working Dissertation Title

  • “The Origin of Public Elementary Education in the Philippines, 1820–1898”

Selected Publications

  • “The Impact of Spain’s 1863 Educational Decree on the Spread of Philippine Public Schools and Language Acquisition,” European Education 44, no. 4 (Winter 2012–13), 8–30.


  • Noriko Saito Travel Award, Educational Policy Studies Department (2016)
  • Research Travel Award, Graduate School (2016)
  • Field Research Award, Center for Southeast Asian Studies (2015)
  • Honored Instructor Award, Division of University Housing (2014 and 2015)
  • Early Excellence in Teaching Award, History Department (2014)
  • Sterling Fishman Memorial Scholarship, Educational Policy Studies Department (2013)
  • Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (FLAS), Center for Southeast Asian Studies (2012–13)
  • Education Graduate Research Scholar Fellowship (Ed-GRS), Graduate School (2011–12, 2016–17)

Professional Affiliations

  • American Educational Research Association
  • American Historical Association
  • Association for Asian Studies
  • History of Education Society

Courses Caught as TA

  • History 319 – The Vietnam Wars
  • History/EPS 412 – The History of American Education
  • IS 101 – Introduction to International Studies

Courses Caught as Instructor

  • History/EPS 412 – The History of American Education