University of Wisconsin–Madison

Adam Behrman

TA: History 125, Professor Mitman

Advisor: Gregg Mitman

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)
Office: 4269 Mosse Humanities
Mailbox: 4110 Mosse Humanities
Phone: 608.890.3307
Office Hours: Thursdays 1:30-2:30, Fridays 1:30-2:30

Adam Behrman


I am interested in the connections between human health and the environment across Latin America, especially Mexico, throughout the twentieth century. I am particularly fascinated with any links between exposure, health, and political mobilization throughout history and analyzing how they have changed. Considering my interests, it comes as no surprise that I love being outside in the environment. I enjoy hiking with my family in my spare time.


M.A., History of Science, University of Wisconsin–Madison.
M.A., History, Boise State University, 2016
B.A., History, Boise State University, 2014
B.S.,  Atmospheric Sciences, Ohio State University, 2004


  • History of Science, Environmental History

MA Title

  • “To Extract, Refine, and Burn: The Inequitable Toll Incurred by Petroleum During Mexico’s Second Oil Boom”

Working Dissertation Title

  • “Industry, Progress, and Exposure: Environmentalism as Justice in Post-Revolutionary Mexico City”

Selected Awards

  • Boise State University Distinguished Master’s Thesis Non-STEM Award, 2017

Professional Affiliations

  • American Society for Environmental History
  • Forest History Society
  • Alpha Mu Gamma – Foreign Language Honor Society

Courses Taught as TA

  • At University of Wisconsin–Madison – Environmental Studies/History/History of Science 125 – Green Screen: Environmental Perspectives Through Film
  • At Boise State University – History 347 – America in the 1960s
  • At Boise State University – History 381 – Colloquium in the History of the Americas: History of Sports