Minor for Non-Majors

History or History of Science, Medicine, and Technology (HSMT)

Students in other degree programs who wish to pursue a minor in the History or HSMT degree program must reach agreement on an appropriate plan of study with a History or HSMT faculty member, who serves as the minor advisor. This agreement (pdf) must be in place and approved by the Graduate Program Coordinator and the Director of Graduate Studies prior to the beginning of coursework.

The minor must consist of 9 credits of graduate-level work. Students are encouraged to take at least 6 credits of this work in graduate seminars, and no more than 3 credits in undergraduate courses. History or HistSci 990 may not be used to fulfill the minor requirement. The minor field may include up to 3 credits of History or HistSci 999 (Independent Work), provided that the student produces at least 15 pages of written work.

For further details, see The Minor – What Is It? (pdf)