Our large community is composed of distinguished faculty and graduate students, dedicated staff, and valued friends of our graduate program. Virtually all of us wear multiple “hats,” though the particular hats vary from individual to individual and over time.

Our grad students, for example, are variously students (of course), teaching assistants and occasional lecturers, researchers and prospective authors, mentors to one another, and actively engaged with scholarly communities and the public. Our faculty members are variously teachers and mentors, researchers and authors, administrators, avid participants in a range of scholarly communities on campus and elsewhere, and embodiments of the Wisconsin Idea. Our graduate program staff, while their specific responsibilities are more stable over time, regularly go well beyond those formal boundaries.

Among our most valued friends are our alumni, the Department of History's Board of Visitors, and many generous donors.  We are especially indebted to the George L. Mosse Program in History and its Program Manager John Tortorice. The generosity of the Mosse Program benefits our graduate students and faculty in a multitude of ways.

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