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Our Graduates’ Careers

Our graduates pursue a variety of careers, many in academia but others in the non-profit, private, or public sector. Organized below by the year in which they earned their Ph.D. is a list of recent graduates and their current positions (rev. July/2016). 


  • Ashley Barnes-Gilbert – Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
    Dissertation: “River Town Brothel Culture: Sex Worker Mobility, Policing, and Agency, 1870-1940”
    Advisor: A. Finn Enke
  • Skye Doney – Archivist, George L. Mosse Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Dissertation: “Moving Toward the Sacred: German Pilgrimage Practices, 1832-1937”
    Advisor: Rudy J. Koshar
  • Jerome Dotson – Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
    Dissertation: "Consuming Bodies, Producing Race: Slavery and Diet in the Antebellum South, 1830-1865"
    Advisor: Stephen Kantrowitz
  • Daniel Hummel – Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
    Dissertation: "A Covenant of the Mind: American Evangelicals, Israel, and the Construction of a Special Relationship, 1948-1980”
    Advisor: Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen
  • Gregory Jones-Katz – Assistant Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
    Dissertation: “’The Hermeneutical Mafia’ and the Age of Deconstruction"
    Advisor: Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen
  • A. Scott Mobley – Postdoctoral Fellow, US Naval Academy
    Dissertation: “Progressives in Navy Blue: Maritime Strategy, American Empire, and the Transformation of U.S. Naval Identity, 1873-1898”
    Advisor: John W. Hall
  • Patrick Otim – Assistant Professor, Bates College
    Dissertation: "Forgotten Voices of the Transition: Precolonial Intellectuals and the Colonial State in Northern Uganda, 1850-1950”
    Advisor: Neil R. Kodesh
  • Scott Trigg – Postdoctoral Fellow, Notre Dame University
    Dissertation: “Innovation or Decline in Post-Classical Islamic Science? Fathallah al-Shirwani and the Commentary Tradition”
    Advisor: Michael Chamberlain
  • Jed Woodworth – Historian, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    Dissertation: "Horace Mann and the Revolution in American Childhood"
    Advisors: William J. Reese and Charles L. Cohen


  • Melissa Anderson – Editorial Project Manager, Paris Muse
    Dissertation: "The Love of Order:" Race, Violence, and the French Colonial Police in Vietnam, 1860s-1920s"
    Advisor: Thongchai Winichakul
  • Simon Balto – Assistant Professor, Ball State University
    Dissertation: "'The Law Has a Bad Opinion of Me': Policing and Politics in Twentieth-Century Black Chicago"
    Advisor: Brenda Gayle Plummer
  • Sean Bloch – Swahili Instructor, Denver Public School System
    Dissertation: “When Time Stopped: Violence, History, and the Political Imaginary in the Kenya-Somali Borderlands"”
    Advisor: James H. Sweet
  • Roberto Carmack – Central Asia and Russia Specialist, U.S. Army Reserves
    Dissertation: “'A Fortress of the Soviet Home Front'”: Mobilization and Ethnicity in Kazakhstan during World War II”
    Advisor: Francine Hirsch
  • Vaneesa Cook – Postdoctoral Fellow, Queensland University
    Dissertation: "Thy Kingdom Community: Spiritual Socialists and Local to Global Activism, 1920-1970"
    Advisor: Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen
  • Geneviève Dorais – Assistant Professor, Université du Québec á Montréal
    Dissertation: "Indo-America and the Politics of APRA Exile, 1918-1945"
    Advisor: Florencia E. Mallon
  • Ariel Eisenberg – Assistant Professor, Kennesaw State University
    Dissertation: "'Save Our Streets and Shelter Our Homeless': The Homeless Crisis in New York City in the 1980s"
    Advisor: William J. Cronon
  • Katherine Guenoun – Trainer, Epic Systems
    Dissertation: "Between Synagogue and Society: Jewish Women in Nineteenth-Century France"
    Advisors: Laird Boswell and Mary Louise Roberts
  • Anne Giblin – Assistant Professor, Seton Hall University
    Dissertation: “From the Inside-out: Social Networks of Migration from Japan's Tohoku Region, 1872-1937”
    Advisor: Louise C. Young
  • Ariana Horn – Special Events Assistant, Kellogg School of Management
    Dissertation: "Paved with Good Intentions: The Rise and Fall of the 'Human Relations' Movement in Milwaukee, 1934-1980"
    Advisor: Charles L. Cohen
  • Sinae Hyun – Postdoctoral Fellow, Nanyang Technical University
    Dissertation: "Indigenizing the Cold War: Nation-Building by the Border Patrol Police of Thailand, 1945-1980"
    Advisor: Thongchai Winichakul
  • James McKay – Learning Technology Consultant, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Dissertation: "The Spiritual Allure of Laissez-Faire: Christian Capitalists and the Ideological Roots of the Enduring Conservative Movement"
    Advisor: William J. Reese
  • Terry Peterson – Assistant Professor, Florida International University
    Dissertation: "Counterinsurgent Bodies: Social Welfare and Psychological Warfare in French Algeria, 1956-1962"
    Advisor: Laird Boswell
  • Camarin Porter – Assistant Professor, Northern Arizona University
    Dissertation: "De subiecto theologiae: Gerardus Odonis and the Nature of Theological Knowledge and Theological Authority in the Early Fourteenth Century"
    Advisor: Karl B. Shoemaker
  • Javier Samper Vendrell – Assistant Professor, Grinnell College
    Dissertation: "Danger at the Newstand: Homosexuality, Youth, and Mass Culture in the Weimar Republic"
    Advisor: Mary Louise Roberts
  • Jenna Schultz – Instructor, Marian University
    Dissertation: "Erasing the Border: National Identity and the Anglo-Scottish Borderlands, 1552-1660"
    Advisor: Johann Sommerville
  • Casey Stark – Assistant Lecturer, Idaho State University
    Dissertation: “Vesta, her Virgins and the Worship of her Cult during the Roman Imperial Period"
    Advisor: Marc Kleijwegt


  • Mark Belson – Assistant Professor, U.S. Naval Academy
    Dissertation: "Sharing the Burden: The Comparative Dynamics of Anglo-American Intervention in South Africa and the Philippines, 1899-1902"
    Advisor: David M. McDonald
  • Sara Brinegar – Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University
    Dissertation: "Baku at All Costs: The Politics of Oil in the New Soviet State"
    Advisor: Francine Hirsch
  • James Coons – Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
    Dissertation: "The Grand Condé and the King: Absolutism, Rebellion, and the Evolution of Political Culture, 1643-1659"
    Advisor: Suzanne Desan
  • Joshua Gedacht – Assistant Professor, Universiti Brunei Darussalam
    Dissertation: "Islamic-Imperial Encounters: Colonial Enclosure and Muslim Cosmopolitans in Island Southeast Asia, 1800-1940"
    Advisor: Alfred W. McCoy
  • Jeffrey Hobbs – Teacher, Teach for America
    Dissertation: "The Liberal Crucible: Provincial Rebellion, State Power, and the Origins of Liberal Democratic Culture in July Monarchy France, 1830-1835"
    Advisors: Suzanne Desan and Laird Boswell
  • Jennifer Holland – Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma
    Dissertation: "Making Babies: Social Conservatism and Abortion Politics in the Four Corners States, 1967-2000"
    Advisor: Susan L. Johnson
  • Katie Jarvis – Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame
    Dissertation: “'Politics in the Marketplace': The Popular Activism and Cultural Representation of the Dames des Halles during the French Revolution"
    Advisor: Suzanne Desan
  • Brian Leech – Assistant Professor, Augustana College
    Dissertation: "The City that Ate Itself: A Social and Environmental History of Open-Pit Mining in Butte, Montana"
    Advisor: Thomas J. Archdeacon
  • Eric O’Connor – Teacher, Sidwell Friends School
    Dissertation: "Democracy in the Dark: The Origins of Popular Participation in European Unity, 1949-1975"
    Advisor: Laird Boswell
  • Bradley Moore – Research and Partnership Manager, Mellon-ACLS Public Fellow at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House
    Dissertation: "Healthy Comrades: Czechoslovak Hygiene Services and the Pursuit of a Communist Modernity, 1948-1958"
    Advisor: David M. McDonald
  • Laura Wangerin – Assistant Professor, Seton Hall University
    Dissertation: "Tenth-Century Governance: A Comparative Study of the Ottonians and Anglo-Saxons"
    Advisor: Karl. B. Shoemaker
  • Naomi Williams – Visiting Assistant Professor, SUNY-Brockport
    Dissertation: "Workers United: The Labor Movement and the Shifting U.S. Economy, 1950s - 1980s"
    Advisor: William P. Jones


  • Gregory Aldous – Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh Greenborough
    Dissertation: "Qizilbash Tribalism and Royal Authority in Early Safavid Iran, 1524–1534"
    Advisor: David O. Morgan
  • Nicole Eggers – Assistant Professor, University of Loyola New Orleans
    Dissertation: "Kitawala in the Congo: Religion, Politics, and Healing in 20th-21st Century Central Africa"
    Advisor: Florence Bernault
  • Tamara Feinstein – Visiting Assistant Professor, St. Lawrence University
    Dissertation: "How the Left Was Lost: Remembering Izquierda Unida and the Legacies of Political Violence in Peru"
    Advisors: Steve J. Stern and Florencia E. Mallon
  • Lacey Ferrell – Assistant Professor, Central Washington University
    Dissertation: "Fighting for the Future: A History of Education in Colonial Ghana, c. 1900-1940"
    Advisor: Florence Bernault
  • Christine Fojtik – Assistant Professor, St. Xavier University
    Dissertation: "Hunger and Hope: Fact, Fantasy, and Food in Occupied Germany, 1945-1949"
    Advisor: Mary Louise Roberts
  • Robert Gross – Teacher, Sidwell Friends School
    Dissertation: "A Marketplace of Schooling: Education and the American Regulatory State, 1870-1930"
    Advisor: William J. Reese
  • Sarah Hardin – Assistant Professor, St. Anselm University
    Dissertation: “Developing the Periphery: Cotton Cultivation, Pesticide, and the Marginalization of the Fulbe of Southeastern Senegal over the Twentieth Century"
    Advisor: Florence Bernault
  • Nikolas Hoel – Instructor, Northwest Illinois University
    Dissertation: "Christian and Buddhist Monks and Nuns: A Comparison of Seventh- through Ninth- Century Latin, Greek, and Chinese Hagiography"
    Advisor: Leonora Neville
  • John Hogue – Assistant Professor, Bard Early College Cleveland
    Dissertation: "Cruise Ship Diplomacy: Making American Leisure and Power in the Anglophone Caribbean, 1900-1973"
    Advisor: Nan Enstad
  • Jessica Krug – Assistant Professor, George Washington University
    Dissertation: "'They Glorify in a Certain Independence': The Politics of Identity in Kisama, Angola, and Its Diasporas in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries"
    Advisor: James H. Sweet
  • James Matenaer – Assistant Professor, Franciscan University-Steubenville
    Dissertation: "Postillators of Poverty and the Vita Apostolica: Matthean on Apostolic Poverty in the Middle Age of Pope John XXII"
    Advisors: Karl B. Shoemaker and William J. Courtenay
  • Crystal Moten – Assistant Professor, Macalester College
    Dissertation: "’More Than a Job’: Black Women’s Economic Citizenship in the Twentieth Century Urban North"
    Advisor: Nan Enstad
  • Yesenia Pumarada Cruz – Writing and Editing Professional
    Dissertation: "Othering Modernization: The Nasa Margins of Colombia (1890-1930s)"
    Advisor: Francisco A. Scarano
  • Campbell Scribner – Assistant Professor, Ohio Wesleyan University
    Dissertation: “The Exurban Exchange: Local Control of Education on the Metropolitan Fringe, 1945-1980"
    Advisor: William J. Reese
  • Lesley Skousen – Teacher, Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science
    Dissertation: "Have Mercy upon Me O Lord: A History of Benefit of Clergy in Early Modern England"
    Advisor: Johann Sommerville
  • Maia Surdam – Independent Author and Entrepreneur
    Dissertation: "Families on Farms: Migrants, Farmers, and the Transformation of Wisconsin's Countryside, 1920s-1960s"
    Advisor: Nan Enstad and Camille Guérin-Gonzalez


  • Kellen Backer – Faculty Fellow, Syracuse University
    Dissertation: "World War II and the Triumph of Industrialized Food"
    Advisor: Susan L. Johnson
  • Andrew Case – Teaching Fellow, Washington College
    Dissertation: "Looking for Organic America: J.I. Rodale, The Rodale Press, and the Popular Culture of Environmentalism"
    Advisor: William J. Cronon
  • Taylor Easum – Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
    Dissertation: "Urban Transformation in the Colonial Margins: Chiang Mai from Lanna to Siam"
    Advisor: Thongchai Winichakul
  • Julie Gibbings – Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba
    Dissertation: "Another Race More Worthy of the Present: Race and Progress in Alta Verapaz Guatemala, 1860-1961"
    Advisor: Florencia E. Mallon
  • Sean Gillen – Defense Contractor
    Dissertation: "'A Foggy Youth': Faith, Reason, and Social Thought in the Young Vladimir Segeevich Solov’ev, 1853-1881"
    Advisor: David M. McDonald
  • Charles Hughes – Memphis Center Director, Rhodes College
    Dissertation: "Country-Soul: Race and the Recording Industry in the U.S. South, 1960-1980"
    Advisor: William P. Jones
  • Jennifer Hull – Research Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor, Colgate University
    Dissertation: "Remapping Black Manhattan: Transformations of Space in the Early Republic City"
    Advisors: Jeanne Boydston and Susan L. Johnson
  • Hyun Hur – Assistant Professor, Chungnam National University
    Dissertation: "The Radical Antislavery and Personal Liberty Laws in Antebellum Ohio, 1803-1857"
    Advisor: Stephen Kantrowitz
  • Doug Kiel – Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
    Dissertation: "The Oneida Resurgence: Modern Indian Renewal in the Heart of America"
    Advisor: William J. Cronon
  • Christine Lamberson – Assistant Professor, Angelo State University
    Dissertation: "In the Crucible of Violence: The Remaking of American Political Culture in the 1960s and 1970s"
    Advisor: Jeremi Suri
  • Erin Lambert – Assistant Professor, University of Virginia
    Dissertation: "Resurrection and Devotional Identity in Sixteenth-Century Europe"
    Advisor: Lee P. Wandel
  • Adam Malka – Assistant Professor, SUNY-Buffalo
    Dissertation: "The Rights of Men: Power, Policing, and the Making of the Liberal State, 1812-1870"
    Advisor: Stephen Kantrowitz
  • Hunter Martin – Teacher, St. Luke’s School
    Dissertation: "From Ideas to Icons: The Commodification of French Intellectual Culture, 1945-1990"
    Advisor: Laird Boswell
  • Jennifer Miller – Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College
    Dissertation: "Building a New Kind of Alliance: The United States, Japan, and the Cold War, 1950-1961"
    Advisor: Jeremi Suri
  • Danielle Ross – Assistant Professor, Utah State University
    Dissertation: “From the Minbar to the Barricades: The Transformation of the Volga-Ural into a Revolutionary Intelligentsia, (1865-1918)"
    Advisor: David M. McDonald
  • Lindsay Starkey – Assistant Professor, Kent State University-Stark
    Dissertation: "John Calvin and Natural Philosophy"
    Advisor: Lee P. Wandel
  • Vanessa Walker – Assistant Professor, Amherst College
    Dissertation: "Ambivalent Allies: Advocates, Diplomats, and the Struggle for an 'American' Human Rights Policy"
    Advisor: Jeremi Suri
  • Stephanie Westcott – Research Assistant Professor, George Mason University
    Dissertation: "Producing Panic: Media, Morality, and American Sexuality, 1945-1970"
    Advisor: Nan Enstad
  • Nadine Zimmerli – Associate Editor, Omohundro Institute, College of William and Mary
    Dissertation: "The Rendezvous of All Nations: Cosmopolitan Encounters in the German City of Dresden Before World War I"
    Advisor: Rudy J. Koshar