Graduate Handbook

The Graduate Handbook summarizes the degree and course requirements for our study programs, our departmental policies and procedures, and, at appropriate points, the Graduate School’s policies and procedures, which set the general parameters of graduate study at UW-Madison

Remember: Students must meet the degree and course requirements in effect when they entered the program. Our administrative procedures and processes, however, can change over time. All students are required to follow current procedures and processes. If you would like to review earlier editions of the Graduate Handbook, please contact Graduate Program Coordinator Leslie Abadie.

Change to our minor requirement: In December 2016, our faculty approved changes to our minor requirement that take effect for students entering in Fall 2017 and are optional for current students. For the new requirements, click here. These changes will be reflected in the 2017-2018 edition of the Graduate Handbook.

Two ways of accessing the Graduate Handbook 2016-17:

If you have any questions about the Graduate Handbook, please contact Leslie Abadie