What Funding Do We Offer?

We offer funding only to students who intend to pursue the Ph.D. – an application for admission to our Ph.D. program, therefore, is an application for funding. We also welcome applications from students who have external funding or are self-funded, including those pursuing the M.A. only.*

If you apply to our Ph.D. program and are accepted, you will be offered a multi-year support package, which begins in your first year. The details of our support guarantees may vary by funding source, field of study, and other circumstances, and the guarantee is, of course, contingent on satisfactory progress and performance. Most of our support packages begin with a fellowship year from the UW-Madison Graduate School, generously funded by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. Our most distinguished packages are designed to attract and support students in particular fields of study. They include two years of fellowships and may also include summer support:

Additional years of guaranteed funding will come from employment as teaching assistants or project assistants or additional fellowships.

In addition, all students in good standing can apply for writing prizes, conference travel awards, and supplements to external awards. Once graduate students have passed their preliminary examination and advanced to candidacy, they may apply for departmental fellowships and research travel funding.

Our advanced dissertators can also apply for awards that give them the opportunity to design and teach an undergraduate course – the Merle Curti Teaching Fellowship (open field) and the George L. Mosse Teaching Fellowship in European History. Thanks to the Doris G. Quinn Foundation, we are also pleased to offer the Doris G. Quinn Fellowship, which supports the final year of dissertation-writing. There are also a wealth of other opportunities to compete for funding offered, for example, by UW-Madison’s International Division, the Institute for Research in the Humanities, and the UW Graduate School (research and conference travel awards).

More details on our funding for current/continuing students are available here.

* If you wish to apply for the M.A. only (the so-called terminal M.A.), please describe your sources of support on the History Supplemental Application. For information on the cost of graduate study at UW-Madison, go to the Graduate School's website.