Funding – current students

Beginning with the 2015-2016 entering class, we admit only students to whom we are able to offer multi-year funding packages or who have external funding. This means that some of our current students have multi-year support packages, while others do not. Regardless of your funding status, we strongly encourage all students to explore external sources of support. This page points to available sources of support or to tools for finding funding appropriate for your research interests.

Departmental Funding

For details on eligibility, deadlines, and the like, see the Graduate Handbook or the Graduate Program Coordinator.

  • Dissertator fellowships – one-semester fellowships and the Quinn Fellowships (two semesters, for advanced dissertators)
  • Teaching fellowships – for advanced dissertators
  • George L. Mosse Teaching Fellowship
  • Merle Curti Teaching Fellowships
  • Research travel grants – for dissertators
  • Conference travel grants – for students at all levels
  • External Opportunities Fund – to supplement external awards that do not provide full support
  • Teaching and Project assistantships
  • Writing Prizes
  • Emergency Fund

UW-Madison Sources of Funding

External Funding

Our students have been very successful in national and international competitions for fellowships and grants. Copies of past applications for the most commonly sought awards are available to review in the office of Graduate Program Coordinator Leslie Abadie.

To launch your funding search, browse the list of resources below. We strongly recommend that you also visit the UW’s Grants Information Collection for a comprehensive database of available resources.


Masters Phase

Research Phase

Write-Up Phase

Asia - East, South, and South East

Masters Phase

Research Phase

Write-Up Phase

Europe - Ancient Medieval

Europe - Early and Late Modern

General Awards

Eastern Europe



Great Britain and Scandinavia



Spain and Portugal

Latin America

Masters Phase

Research Phase

Write-Up Phase

The Middle East

Masters Phase

Research Phase

Write-Up Phase

The United States

Masters Phase

Research Phase

Write-Up Phase

Presidential Libraries



Applicant Specific Awards

History of Women and Gender

Jewish History

Military History

History of Science and Technology

UW-Madison's Grants Information Collection (GIC)

The University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Grants Information Collection (GIC), located at Memorial Library, provides a wide array of information—in both print and electronic format—on scholarships, fellowships, grants, and other funding opportunities for both individuals and nonprofit organizations from private foundations, corporate funders, and federal agencies. The GIC is a cooperating collection of the Foundation Center, the “nation’s leading authority on philanthropy,” and is available to the public. This relationship provides a veritable wealth of information for our collection’s users.

What We Do
The GIC is a library collection. Users do their own research, although librarians at the Reference Desk are available to offer initial direction and assistance. The GIC provides books, periodicals, and an extensive Web site for users to browse on fundraising, proposal writing, and philanthropy. Seminars and workshops are regularly given by the grants librarian—topics include “Foundation Grants for Nonprofit Organizations,” “Grants for Your Education,” and more.

The workshops are free of charge, highly attended, and provide exactly the guidance needed to find funding sources. In addition, free personal consultations with the grants librarian may be arranged depending on availability. Before requesting an appointment, it is required that:

  • one makes full use of the online information available at the Grants Information Collection website;
  • persons affiliated with nonprofit organizations come with a specific project or type of program in mind;
  • individuals, including academic clientele, have a specific educational or research funding need.

The GIC provides access to numerous subscription databases where users can search for scholarships, fellowships, and grants— examples include:
Community of Science

  • Foundation Directory Online
  • Foundation Grants to Individuals Online
  • Foundations in Wisconsin: A Directory
  • GrantSelect
  • IRIS: Illinois Researcher Information Service
  • RSP Funding for Graduate Students
  • RSP Funding for Postdoctorates and Professionals
  • RSP Funding for Undergraduates
  • SPIN: Sponsored Programs Information Network
  • Plus a full range of newspaper, periodical, and reference databases for advanced grantmaker research

The GIC provides numerous services, including: collection orientation/tours, customized course-specific instruction, free regularly scheduled workshops (open to the public), and a robust collection of online subject guides and research tip sheets.

The GIC provides many outstanding benefits to its users. The collection gives access to information that cannot be found anywhere else in Wisconsin, being the only public location in the state that provides as many comprehensive databases. In addition to the quality of information, the overall purpose of the GIC is to give its users the basic skills required—through workshops and librarian guidance—to sift and winnow through the materials to find funding opportunities that match their needs.

If you are not a UW–Madison student, staff or faculty you must acquire a guest pass at the front desk of Memorial Library. A photo ID with current address is required.

The Grants Information Collection improves the lives of the citizens of Wisconsin – within and beyond the university classroom – by promoting research, advancing learning, and encouraging nonprofit efforts through instruction and access to information relating to grants, philanthropy, and charitable giving.

To promote the understanding of grantsmanship, both within the University of Wisconsin–Madison community and throughout Wisconsin, by providing access to information essential to successful educational, research, and nonprofit grant-seeking, and by collecting literature in the areas of philanthropy, fundraising, and nonprofit management.

Contact Information
Memorial Library, Room 262D/E
728 State Street
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: (608) 262-6431
Memorial Library Regular Semester Hours
Monday–Thursday: 8 a.m. – 11:45 p.m.
Friday–Saturday: 8 a.m. – 9:45 p.m.
Sunday: 10 a.m. – 11:45 p.m.