For Current Students

Navigating through our graduate program may seem daunting at times, but always remember that Graduate Program Coordinator (Advisor) Leslie Abadie stands ready to help, as do your faculty advisors. For an overview of the range of questions you should discuss with Leslie or your faculty advisor, see our Advising Qs. Our goal is to ensure that your graduate training is unmatched in quality.

Progression through our graduate program is governed by two sets of regulations:

  1. The Graduate School’s Academic Policies and Procedures set the general parameters of graduate study at UW-Madison. These are available online. They are also summarized at appropriate points in the Graduate Handbook.
  2. The History Department also has its own, additional requirements, which are outlined in the Graduate Handbook. Some of the Department’s regulations and requirements apply to all students, while others are specific to individual study programs.

Remember: Students must meet the degree and course requirements in effect when they entered the program. (If you need to consult a copy of a prior handbook, see Leslie Abadie.) Our administrative procedures and processes, however, can change over time. All students are required to follow current procedures and processes.

Please use the links to the left for more information about all aspects of our program.