In my research, I work to meld processes of embodied performativity and affect, such as trans/gendering and racialization, with postcolonial and social movement historical studies. I consider these intersections both in my own work and as historiographic methods within the field of 20th c. U.S. history more broadly.

  • History of Sexuality, 20th c. United States History, African American History, LGBTQ History

MA Title:

  • “Welcomed to the Spectacle: Looking at the Working Class, the Self-acting Machines, and the Indian Court at the Great Exhibition of 1851”

Working Dissertation Title:

  • "Nonviolence, Queer Intimacies, and the Making of the Civil Rights Movement"


  • BA: DePaul University
  • MA: University of Chicago

Selected Publications:

  • Fisher, Simon, Ido Katri, and Rasheedah Phillips, eds., Somatechnics - Trans Temporalities [special issue], 7.1 (forthcoming).

  • Review of The Firebrand and the First Lady: Portrait of a Friendship: Pauli Murray, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the Struggle for Social Justice, by Patricia Bell Scott, QED, 3.3 (forthcoming).

  • “Pauli Murray’s Peter Panic: Perspectives from the Margins of Race and Gender in Jim Crow America,”  Transgender Studies Quarterly, 3.1 (2016)

  • Review of Our Minds on Freedom: Women and the Struggle for Black Equality in Louisiana, 1924-1967, by Shannon Frystak,

  • The Coordinating Council for Women in History Newsletter, 46.2 (May 2015): 12-13.

  • Johnson, S., C. Hommerding, S. Fisher, and J. Lanner-Cusin, “Queer Wests: A Historiographical Conversation.” Western History Association Newsletter, Spring 2013.


  • Vilas Conference Travel Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Woodrow Wilson Women’s Studies Fellowship, Finalist
  • Vilas Research Travel Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • George L. Mosse Graduate Fellowship in LGBT History, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • History Department Pre-dissertator Fellowship, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Department Dissertator Research Travel Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship, Social Science Research Council
  • LGBT Campus Center Fund, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Professional Affiliation:

  • Canadian Committee on the History of Sexuality
  • Canadian Committee on Women’s History
  • Organization of American Historians

Courses Taught as TA:

  • History 102 - U.S. History, 1865-Present
  • History 160 - Asian-American History: Migration and Dislocation
  • FCS Writing Skills Initiative, Ryerson University (Toronto)

Courses Taught as TA:

  • JUS 362 - LGBT Issues and Politics, Northeastern Illinois University (Chicago)
  • English 098 - Foundational Writing, Chicago City Colleges


Simon D. Elin Fisher

A. Finn Enke