Philip Janzen

African Diaspora

James H. Sweet

MA Title:
"Caribbean Colonizers: Assimilation and Diasporic Imagination in the French Empire, 1880-1960"

Working Dissertation Title:
"Africa and the Atlantic Imagination: An Intellectual History of Empire and Black Internationalism in the Twentieth Century"

Research Interests:
I study the intellectual histories of Africa and the Caribbean in the twentieth century, with a particular emphasis on the evolution of racial thought. More generally, I am interested in migration, black internationalism, and the transnational flow of ideas.

My dissertation examines a group of people from the Caribbean who became colonial administrators in the French and British colonies of Africa in the early twentieth-century. I am investigating how their experiences in Africa and their exchanges with African intellectuals effected major changes in their thinking about Africans, colonialism, racial unity, and empire. I am also tracing the links between these Caribbean administrators and the black internationalist movements of the interwar period to illuminate how colonial ideas about race, progress, and geography informed black internationalism.

Phil Janzen