My dissertation, "Mass Marketing Frenchness: French Participation in International Expositions," explores the reconstruction of French national identity after World War II through exposition's ephemeral built environments, their displays of commercial goods, and their organizers and participants. My work broadly examines national identity, material culture, gender, and mass consumer culture in a transnational context.


  • Modern European History, French History, History of Gender

MA Title:

  • "Camping, Comfort, and Commodity Culture: Domesticating Nature in Postwar France, 1950 - 1970"

Working Dissertation Title:

  • "Mass Marketing Frenchness: French Participation in International Expositions, 1945 - 1968"


  • BA Miami University of Ohio

Selected Publications:

  • "France's Postwar Emporium: French Commercial Expositions from 1945 to 1975,” Perspectives on Europe 43:1 (Spring 2013): 79-82.


  • Mellon-Wisconsin Summer Writing Fellowship, University of Wisconsin-Madison/Mellon Foundation. 

  • George Mosse Teaching Fellowship, two-semester fellowship to develop and teach an upper-division history course, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Chancellor’s Fellow, semester writing fellowship, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Vilas Research Travel Grant, UW-Madison Graduate School
  • Chateaubriand Research Fellowship, Embassy of France in the United States, 8 month research fellowship, including affiliation with the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS) in Paris. 

  • Jeanne Marandon Research Fellowship, Société des Professeurs Français et Francophones d'Amérique (SPFFA), year-long research fellowship (declined).
  • Ouisconsin Field Research Scholarship, Wisconsin Alumni Association
  • Summer Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowship, Mellon Foundation/Council for European Studies at Columbia University

Courses Taught as TA:

  • History 201: Historian’s Craft: The French Revolution, UW-Madison History
    Department, Lecturer: Suzanne Desan.
  • History 201: Historian’s Craft: Athenian Democracy, UW-Madison History
    Department, Lecturer: Claire Taylor. 

  • History 120: Europe and the Modern World, 1815-Present, UW-Madison History
    Department, Lecturer: Hunter Martin.
  • 2010 POL 103: Intro to International Relations,UW-Madison Political Science
    Department, Lecturer: Jon Pevehouse.

Courses Taught as Instructor:

  • History 223: Fashion to Fast Cars: Commodity Culture in Modern Europe

Grace Allen

Grace Allen

Laird Boswell and Mary Louise Roberts