Christopher Hommerding

U.S. LGBT/Queer History

A. Finn Enke

MA Title:
"Spinsters and Bachelor Farmers: The Creation and Foreclosure of Queer Space in the Twentieth-Century Rural Midwest"

Working Dissertation Title:
"The 'Faeries' of Mineral Point: History, Performance, and Queerness in Twentieth-Century Small-Town Wisconsin."

Research Interests:
My research examines the history of rural sexuality and rural queerness in the twentieth-century U.S, with a particular focus on the Midwest prior to the 1970s. My work pushes against the contemporary rural/urban binary that fixes the urban as liberatory and the rural as oppressive for queer individuals, desires, and embodiments. In doing this, I am trying to understand the mutually constitutive historical constructions of sexuality and environment, exploring ways that relationships to landscape, space, and place intersect with non-normative forms of desire, embodiment, and identity.