My research ask how memories about the past – the material and ideological remnants of queer history – are incorporated into city geographies; how their preservation is shaped by local politics, queer institutions, individuals, and national trends; and how the past is used as a resource for action in the present.

  • U.S. LGBT/Queer History

MA Title:

  • “The Lavender Tide: LGBTQ Activism in Neoliberal Argentina”
Working Dissertation Title:
  • "Presenting the Past: Queer History and Community Memory in the San Francisco Bay Area"


  • BA: Augustana College, Rock Island, IL
  • MA: University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Courses Taught as TA:

  • History 101 - History of the United States to the Civil War Era (Fall 2014)
  • History 102 - History of the United States since Reconstruction (Spring 2017)
  • History 160 - Asian American History, Processes of Movement and Dislocation (Fall 2015)
  • History 346 - Trans/Gender in Historical Perspective (Spring 2016)
  • History 462 - The American West since 1850 (Spring 2015)


Andrew Shaffer

A. Finn Enke