Marc Kleijwegt

My specializations are Social History; Epigraphy; The Ancient Novel; The Cities and Communities of Roman Italy and the Western Provinces.

My Research and Teaching Interests include The Ancient Novel; Childhood; Slavery; Freedmen; Gladiators; Food. In general, I use a variety of source material to describe and analyze the history of mentalities of the Greco-Roman world. I am currently interested in the Identity(ies) of the Roman Freedman.


  • PhD - Leiden
  • MA - Leiden
  • BA - Leiden 

Selected Publications:

  • Ancient Youth: The Ambiguity of Youth and the Absence of Adolescence in Greco-Roman Antiquity, (Amsterdam 1991).
  • "Textile Manufacturing for a Religious Market: Artemis and Diana as Tycoons of Industry", in: Willem Jongman/Marc Kleijwegt (eds.), After the Past: Essays in Ancient History in Honour of H. W. Pleket, Leiden 2002, 81-135.
  • Cum vicensimariis magnam mantissam habet (Petronius Satyricon 65.10), American Journal of Philology 123 (2002), 275-86.

Advisor To:

  • So Yeon Bae
  • Joseph Caliri
  • Charles Disantis
  • Staci Duros
  • Sheena Finnigan
  • Jason Hanson
  • Joseph Holwell

History Courses:

Marc Kleijwegt



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