Anne Hansen

I am a historian of religion with research interests in the history of Buddhist ethical ideas and modern religious reform movements in Southeast Asia, colonial Buddhism and religion and visual culture. Much of my work focuses on Buddhist ethics of care and/or “local” interpretations and expressions of Theravada Buddhist thought within larger transnational or transregional networks. My current projects include work on Buddhist visual ethics of care in nineteenth and twentieth century Cambodia, as well as a study of the circulation of Buddhist millenarian prophesies about violence and Dhammic decline in modern Southeast Asia. I regularly teach courses on Buddhism, Asian religions, Southeast Asian colonialisms and modernities, and theory and method in the study of religion.


  • PhD - Harvard University
  • MA - Harvard University
  • MDiv - Harvard Divinity School
  • BA - St. Olaf College 


At the Edge of the Forest: Essays on Cambodia, History and Narrative in Honor of David Chandler, co-edited with Judy Ledgerwood (Cornell University SEAP Press, 2008).  View Book Details
How to Behave: Buddhism and Modernity in Colonial Cambodia, 1860-1930 (University of Hawai’i Press, 2007).  View Book Details

Selected Publications:

  • “Buddhism in Modern Southeast Asia,” The Routledge Handbook on Southeast Asia, edited by Norman G. Owens, pp. 224-234 (Routledge Press, 2013).

Advisor To:

  • Tyler Lehrer
  • Catriona

History Courses:

  • History 308 - Introduction to Buddhism
  • History / ReligSt 547 - Religion, Colonialism and Modernity in Southeast Asia

Anne Hansen



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