Florencia Mallon

My specializations are Modern Latin America; gender, ethnicity and class; and indigenous history.

My Research and Teaching Interests include Latin American History, 19th and 20th centuries, especially Mexico, Peru, and Chile. Ethnicity, gender, and colonialism; oral history and testimonial literature; Native-state relations. I am currently working on a project exploring the full history of the term "America" as applied across the Western Hemisphere more broadly.


  • PhD - Yale
  • MA - Yale
  • BA - Harvard 


Beyond the Ties of Blood (Pegasus Books, 2012).  View Book Details
Courage Tastes of Blood: The Mapuche Community of Nicolas Ailio and the Chilean State, 1906-2001. (Durham: Duke University Press, 2005).  View Book Details

When a Flower Is Reborn: The Life and Times of a Mapuche Feminist. Editor and Translator. (Durham: Duke University Press, 2002).  View Book Details

Peasant and Nation: The Making of Postcolonial Mexico and Peru. Berkeley: (University of California Press, 1995).  View Book Details

Advisor To:

  • Jacob Blanc
  • Elena McGrath
  • Vikram Tamboli
  • Bridgette Werner

History Courses:

  • History 241- Modern Latin America, 1780-1930 - Syllabus 2014 (pdf)
  • History 242 - Modern Latin America, 1898 to the Present - Syllabus 2015 (pdf)
  • History 441 - Revolution and Conflict in Modern Latin America - Syllabus 2016 (pdf)
  • History 557 - Mexican Revolution
  • History 600 - Advanced Seminar in History
  • History 730 - Proseminar in Latin American History - Nineteenth-Century 
  • History 730 - Proseminar in Latin American History - Twentieth-Century Historiography
  • History 753 - Seminar in comparative World History - "Gender and Colonialism"
  • History 829 - Research Seminar in Latin American History - Syllabus 2009 (pdf)
  • History 982 - Seminar in Latin American Area - Native-State Relations
  • History 982 - Seminar in Latin American Area - Oral History and Testimonial Literature

Florencia Mallon

Professor Emeritus



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