Professor Ashley Brown Interviewed for BBC Podcast

Ashley Brown headshotProfessor Ashley Brown interviewed with the BBC for a new upcoming podcast series that will be released on August 29. This podcast series will revolve around Ora Washington, a Black athlete from the 1920s and 1930s, who was a champion in both tennis and basketball. The accomplishments of Ora Washington paved the way for other athletes, like Althea Gibson and later Serena and Venus Williams. Professor Ashley Brown gives insight into Althea Gibson for this seven-part podcast series.

Professor Ashley Brown has previously been interviewed for Germany’s WDR TV Station (Westdeutcher Rundfunk) about athlete Althea Gibson. Additionally, in January 2023, Professor Ashely Brown’s book about Althea Gibson, titled Serving Herself: The Life and Times of Althea Gibson (Oxford University Press, 2023), will be published. This book will discuss the life and choices of Althea Gibson, the most famous Black sportswoman of the mid-twentieth century, and how she set a pathbreaking course for Black athletes.