Declaring a History Major or Honors in the Major

Decorative PhotoStudents may declare the history major at any point in their academic career, however, the earlier you declare, the sooner you will begin to get involved with the department and become aware of the full range of opportunities available to history majors. Declaring the major and/or Honors in the Major is painless and can be done during walk-in advising or a scheduled advising appointment. We like to look over your DARS with you when you declare, so the whole process usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

It is always helpful if you can bring a current DARS report to your advising appointments or walk-in hours. You can order a "what-if" History DARS by doing the following:

Go to My UW and login. Then, click Student Center. In student center, click the My Academics link on the upper left. There will be a list of options starting on the upper left; click DARS—View My Report. From this DARS Online request page, you can run a What-If audit for the History Major.

For a What-If Audit press the Run a What-If audit button, then:

  • Choose a plan by pressing the Select plan/program button
  • Choose History from a list of all available programs
  • Once you have selected History, click the Proceed with Selected Plan button
  • Your choice will be displayed in the What you selected section
  • Click Submit ‘What-if’ Audit to run the audit

For additional instructions on how to run a What-If audit, consult the DARS QUICK GUIDE (pdf).