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OAH Huggins-Quarles Award

Named for Benjamin Quarles and Nathan Huggins, two outstanding historians of the African American past, the Huggins-Quarles Award is given annually to one or two graduate students of color at the dissertation research stage of their Ph.D. program. To apply for a $1,000 award ($2,000 if only one is awarded), the student should submit a five-page dissertation proposal (which should include a definition of the project, an explanation of the project's significance and contribution to the field, and a description of the most important primary sources), along with a one-page itemized budget explaining travel and research plans. Each application must be accompanied by a letter from the dissertation adviser attesting to the student's status and the ways in which the Huggins-Quarles Award will facilitate the completion of the dissertation project. Please also include email addresses for both the applicant and the adviser, if available. One complete copy of each application (including cover letter, abstract, budget, and reference letter), clearly labeled "2009 Huggins-Quarles Award Entry," must be mailed to each member of the Committee on the Status of African American, Latino/a, Asian American, and Native American Historians (ALANA) and ALANA Histories listed below and received by December 1.  The committee will evaluate the applications and announce the award at the annual meeting of the OAH.  Visit the OAH Huggins-Quarles Award webpage for more information.

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