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The History Department welcomes all students, staff and faculty to its classrooms and events regardless of race, religion, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. The University of Wisconsin, including the History Department, serves as an important forum for public debate. The History Department supports free speech and actively encourages respectful discussion of diverse views and perspectives.

Our graduate program is committed to preparing serious and creative professional historians.  As a community of scholars, we take this commitment to encompass training in a variety of methodologies.  In keeping with the Wisconsin Idea, we embrace distinguished teaching and research which speak to specialized fields of scholarship, a broad range of disciplines, and an engaged public.

We are a large department:  students can find scholars studying six of the seven continents; cultural, diplomatic, economic, environmental, intellectual, military, political, or social history; the history of race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or religion.  Faculty in the department employ methods drawn from such diverse disciplines as anthropology, art history, film studies, geography, international relations, literary criticism, and sociology.  In our hiring, in our teaching, as well as in our methods and our research we actively seek plurality and diversity.

Our university and our department have a long tradition of sponsoring research and teaching across boundaries, both those that typically divide the study of history—geographical, chronological, methodological—and those that separate disciplines from one another.  Many of our faculty and graduate students participate in other departments, as well as interdisciplinary institutes, programs, and area study centers.  Such conversations promote experimentation in our research and our teaching.

At the heart of the Wisconsin Idea is the belief that research and teaching should reach across those borders that too often separate university and community.  Many of our students prepare for careers involving public service and many of our most distinguished alumni have made path-breaking and enduring contributions to public intellectual life.  Through open intellectual conversations of many kinds, we seek to understand better our past and our present.
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